Peggy Noland

United States

American artist and designer Peggy Noland first made her name with unique garments that brim with optimism, playing with sequins, color, pattern, and all manner of texture. But we will always have a soft spot for the incredible amount of work and creativity she put into her now-closed shop in Kansas City. At different points, her storefront was decorated with a gigantic, green styrofoam hand, dense walls of balloons, and mounds of stuffed animals, among other fantastical displays meant to entice passersby. Peggy featured on WePresent in 2016 as part of Championing Diversity, a collaborative series with The Dots to showcase the next generation of LGBTQ+ creative talent making waves around the world.

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The real joy for me is using my hands and making the thing. Whether it’s pattern making, sewing a garment, carving a sculpture, or stirring the cake mix… I want my hands in it!