Patrisse Cullors United States

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Los Angeles native Patrisse Cullors has committed to a lifetime of artmaking and activism. Along with co-founding the Black Lives Matter Global Network and other social justice-focused organizations, Patrisse developed the Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program at Prescott College in Arizona and co-founded the Crenshaw Dairy Mart gallery. Patrisse also co-produced RESIST, a YouTube Originals documentary series that focuses on grassroots organizers in Los Angeles; and both wrote for and appeared in “Good Trouble.” Her 2018 memoir “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” became a New York Times Bestseller, and in 2020, she was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Women of the Year. In 2020, Patrisse's poem and fierce call to Defund the Police was published on WePresent, alongside a manifesto containing her 10 rules to live by.