Pann Lim Singapore

Cover Image - Pann Lim

Pann Lim is the co-founder and creative director of Singapore design agency Kinetic, whose A-list client roster includes Facebook, Levi’s, Nike, Hasbro and Uniqlo. Over the course of his career, Pann has amassed more than 450 industry awards for his professional work, but he still finds time to produce Rubbish Famzine, an eccentric indie magazine, with his wife and two children. Pann featured on WePresent as part of a collaboration with the Clio Awards to explore how and where creatives work best. Rather than another studio visit feature, we asked Pann and four other creatives from around the world to describe their dream workplace, which illustrator Owen Gatley brought to life for us.

“I work best when I’m happy. There’s no better way to perform than when you are at peace with everything you do.”