Orly Anan Colombia

Cover Image - Orly Anan

Orly Anan is a Colombian-Israeli visual artist, art director and set designer currently based out of Mexico City. Ever since her obsession with rearranging the rooms around her as a teenager, she’s been learning that objects and spaces affect people because of the meaning they assign to them. Her work flew into the public eye when she worked on the set for the artwork of close friend and collaborator Lido Pimienta’s album “Miss Colombia,” creating a spectacular backdrop on a budget using balloons, ribbons and bouquets of flowers. She’s studied and immersed herself in a whole host of traditions and cultures, and each one of her creations is a mixture of these real histories or traditions and her own imagined stories. She told us how she hopes the vibrant little universes she creates in the real world can help people travel through time and space into parallel universes.