Olga Ingurazova Russia

Cover Image - Olga Ingurazova

Moscow-based photographer, journalist, and TV producer Olga Ingurazova has turned her lens on everything from the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games to the aftermath of the separatist movement in the Caucasus and the plight of Syrian refugees. What draws her, above all, are the individual human stories behind the larger events; self-identity, culture, motivation, and memory remain persistent themes. She divides her time between personal projects and commissions for the likes of the Washington Post, National Geographic, The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, and Smithsonian magazine. In 2016, Olga covered the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) football games—a tournament played by teams from unrecognized nations like Tibet, Iraqi Kurdistan and the Isle of Man. We spoke to her about the project, and the personal nature of her documentary practice.