Nolan Pelletier United States

Cover Image - Nolan Pelletier

Connecticut-born, Toronto-based illustrator and designer Nolan Pelletier creates dynamic amalgamations of patterns, color, and esoteric detail. His expansive list of visual references spans geography and time: Spot, if you can, the influence of Victorian ironwork and Persian miniatures; Queen Anne-style embroidery and 1970s polyester shirts; Art Deco and medieval manuscripts—all leveled in his contrasting palette of subdued pastels and bright colors. Nolan’s work has a hand-made charm, with colors often bleeding out of their black contours, so we were surprised and impressed to learn he does everything digitally. He has created work for publications like the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Die Zeit, and for commercial clients including Netflix, Anna Sui, Away, and Hush Puppy.