Massimo Vitali Italy

Cover Image - Massimo Vitali

Born in Como and based in Lucca, Massimo Vitali is an Italian photographer. He studied at the London College of Printing and spent much of his career as a photojournalist, but since 1995 has been focused on his unique approach to the medium. Often setting up on a podium situated five meters from the ground, he captures huge landscapes with a large format camera: sometimes busy dancefloors at nightclubs, but most often public beaches, and the “Beach Series” is what we featured on the site. From his raised podium, he photographs people enjoying themselves, laying on the sand or with their heads popping out from the surface of the ocean water. He walked us through the whole process, from the light he likes to shoot in, to the equipment he uses, to the everyday people he’s always been drawn to observing.