Markus Jokela Finland

Libby and Arnold Kalina watch as Speers familys house is moved to a new location in september 1992. Table Rock Nebraska United States september 1992.

Born in Helsinki in 1952, Markus Jokela is a photographer who has traveled the world to report on global news. Over the course of his career, he’s documented the fall of the Berlin Wall, the war in Iraq, and the Haitian earthquake of 2010, to name just a few. Despite this proximity to global moments, some of Markus’ favorite projects are the ones about everyday human life. As part of our annual collaboration with World Press Photo, Markus told the story of “Table Rock, Nebraska:” a book-length photography project in which he documented the inhabitants of a small town in America over the course of three decades. Markus has published two full length books and is the recipient of two World Press Photo awards.