Marcelo Brodsky Argentina

Cover Image - Marcelo Brodsky

Growing up in Buenos Aires while Argentina was under the brutal ‘dirty war’ regime, Marcelo Brodsky had a complex relationship with conflict, protests, and the media’s portrayal of the two. The artist was eventually forced into exile in Barcelona, Spain, where he studied photography and began documenting the psychological state of life as an expatriate. Years later, Marcelo returned to Argentina and created “Buena Memoria,” a visual essay dealing with the collective memory of the years under the dictatorship inspired by the personal experiences of those who lived through it. The essay went on to be shown more than 140 times in public spaces and institutions, and inspired Marcelo to continue documenting social movements and protests around the globe. Using archive photography and annotation, each of his images acts as an authentic narration of historical events to be passed onto future generations. Marcelo’s work has been exhibited in the likes of the Museum of Fine Art Houston and the Tate Collection London. He’s an active member of the human rights organization, Asociación Buena Memoria, and in 2008 he was awarded the Bnai Brith prize for Human Rights in Argentina.