Maja Daniels Sweden

Cover Image - Maja Daniels

The Swedish photography artist Maja Daniels creates work that examines how the historical informs the contemporary, and how re-telling the past in inventive ways can inform how we navigate the present and future. We discovered Maja after the release of her eye-opening 2019 book, “Elf Dalia”, and featured it on our website. In the book, Maja visited the small Swedish village of Älvdalen, which, in 1668, was the site of one of the world's first ever supposed cases of “witchcraft.” The book was listed as one of the best books of the year by The Guardian, the Financial Times Magazine, the New Statesman and many more, and won the Swedish Photo Book of the Year Award 2020. But Maja wasn’t finished after the book was published; she couldn’t shake the wonder of Älvdalen. We helped her return there to take more photos, exploring the blurry lines of truth and fiction and the sociological power of myth. Maja’s work has been exhibited in Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam and Bilbao.