Mac Premo United States

Cover Image - Mac Premo

Born in 1973, Mac Premo is an American collagist, animator, filmmaker, commercial director and carpenter. In other words, he makes stuff, and lots of it. His process is to let the message of his work dictate the form it will take, and this approach has led him to curate an entire exhibition with found objects from a dumpster and to create an installation which doesn’t come to life until the viewer sticks their head inside a hole. In 2017, Mac was the subject of an advert for WeTransfer. The idea of the film was simple: document an idea from the moment of conception to the moment it’s realized, but in typical Mac Premo style it was no ordinary idea. And so the film, titled “The Bunt Machine,” became a short tale of how one man’s dream to build a machine that replicated a certain type of baseball shot transformed into a theatrical production with playwrights and set designers.