Luke Pearson United Kingdom

Cover Image - Luke Pearson

Since launching in 2018, the Netflix cartoon series “Hilda” – which tells the story of a fearless blue-haired girl and her many magical friends – has become a cult classic amongst kids and adults alike. Hilda comes from the imaginative mind of Luke Pearson, a British illustrator and cartoonist with a keen eye for creating entire worlds from the stroke of his pen. His work is packed with humor and wonder, and he’s contributed storyboards to Cartoon Network’s award-winning show “Adventure Time.” In a special interview for WePresent, he sat down with a 10-year-old “Hilda” superfan, Elodie Bradfield, to chat about inspiration, creative control and slugs. Luke’s work has been featured in the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Guardian and more.

“Once you’ve created a world with certain rules and boundaries, it’s nice to let yourself wander in it a bit.”