Lucy Bellwood United States

Cover Image - Lucy Bellwood

Many of us imagine an average cartoonist to be someone who spends most of their time at their desk, crafting illustrations, but Lucy Bellwood is not your average cartoonist. Lucy’s an adventure cartoonist: she embarks on life-changing journeys – such as rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, deep sea diving in the Pacific, or sailing aboard the last wooden whaling ship in the world – and draws cartoons about them, either in the field or afterwards. We discovered Lucy in 2016 when she began a project in which she sketched something every day for 100 days. The collection became “100 Demon Dialogues,” a witty and enlightening series which delved deep into the artist’s own creative struggles and anxieties. Lucy’s published numerous books and comics, been featured in the New York Times, Atlas Obscura, the Hollywood Reporter and more, and contributed ideas to WeTransfer’s immersive sketching app, Paper.