Lido Pimienta Colombia

Cover Image - Lido Pimienta

Toronto-based, Colombian musician and multi-disciplinary artist Lido Pimienta is not easily synopsized – The singer describes herself as “Afro/ Indigenous/ Colombian/ Canadian/ punk/ folklorist/ traditionalist/ transgressive/ diva/ angel.” Lido has been making waves since her debut album “Color” was released in 2010, but it was her 2016 release “La Papessa” which won Canada’s prestigious Polaris Prize that year, becoming the first Spanish-language artist to do so in the history of the award. To celebrate the release of her “Miss Colombia” album (2020), Lido spoke to WePresent about what it's like to be an Afro-indigenous artist making alternative pop music, singing largely in Spanish, identifying as queer and dissecting the politics of womanhood, motherhood, race and the diasporic experience through the framework of the internal struggle between her Colombian and Canadian identities.