Lafawndah Egypt

Cover Image - Lafawndah

Mysterious and indefinable, Lafawndah (aka Yasmine Dubois) is a London-based musician. Born in Paris to an Egyptian father and Iranian mother, Lafawndah grew up in Tehran and Paris before spending time living in New York and Mexico. Her music draws from wildly unpredictable influences, all of which are refracted through her own experimental pop sensibilities. Since her debut album “Ancestor Boy” was released in 2019, and its follow up “Ancestor Boy II” nine months later, Lafawndah’s list of collaborators has been wide-ranging and diverse. We showed shots from the set of the music video for her track “Le Malentendu” alongside her conversation with writer and editor Seb Emina, in which they discuss her album “The Fifth Season” (2020): its influences, her lack of a Wikipedia presence and how she achieves embodiment in all that she creates.