Koffee Jamaica

Cover Image - Koffee

Kingston-based Mikayla Simpson or Koffee, is a Jamaican musician heralded as the coming of a reggae revival. Signed to Upsetta Records, her three singles “Burning,” “Ragamuffin” and “Toast” changed everything. Born in Spanish Town, just outside of Kingston, Koffee got her name after ordering a coffee on a boiling hot day while everyone else opted for soda. Describing herself as sitting somewhere between a singer, a rapper and a guitarist, Koffee’s current output has tended towards the more traditional Jamaican rhythms. But while reggae is on the agenda at the moment, Koffee has big plans ahead, taking shape with the help of all the artists who have influenced her over the years, from Proteje and Supercat to St Louis rapper Smino and UK rap star Giggs. Kieran Yates went to Kingston to speak to the then 19-year-old rising star about activism, Usain Bolt, and her rapid rise to stardom.