Kimchi and Chips United Kingdom / South Korea

Cover Image - Kimchi and Chips

Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul-based art studio founded in 2009 by Mimi Son and Elliot Woods. Both Mimi and Elliot are interested in using technology to manipulate physical space and in turn, alter the viewer’s perception of the world around them. Their installation series “Drawing in the Air” began in 2013 as a study of mass, space, and time. It brought together the relativistic mechanics of Einstein, the duration-oriented philosophy of Buddhism, and the problematic divide between reality and images seen within contemporary western politics. The series culminated with “Halo,” a public art piece at London’s Somerset House which used 99 robotic mirrors to reflect sun beams into a cloud of water. Relying heavily on Copernican dynamics (and British weather) the artwork would create a perfect halo of light at the brief moment the sun, wind, and water aligned. We spoke to the duo about this series, and their experimental approach to creative work.