Killages Georgia

Cover Image - Killages

Killages formed in 2017 in Rustavi, a city close to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, where they’ve grown a loyal fan base since winning a national battle of the bands-style competition called Newcomer 2017. The band took off with a sound that merged rock, pop, indie, funk, and hip-hop, and their early releases “ON/OFF” and “Run” gained millions of streams on YouTube—one of few ways for music to make it outside of Georgia in the aftermath of the civil war—but more recent music has seen them settle into more of a rap sound. In 2020, Killages released a crowd-funded album titled “Original Brothers.” The album is an homage to their friends, their success, and the city they live in, and the track “Bottle SIP” was nominated for Track of the Year at Electronauts.