Karolina Jonderko Poland

Cover Image - Karolina Jonderko

Poland based photographer Karolina has received national and international renown for her long-term projects, most of which focus on the aftermath of loss. Her work has appeared in exhibitions and publications across the globe including the New York Times, The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal and the British Journal of Photography, among others. Following her own experience of loss, different forms of trauma, and ways to ameliorate their impact, were at the forefront of Karolina’s mind. After seeing a documentary on the BBC about women who look after dolls as if they are real babies, she was struck by the dolls’ power as therapy tools. Over the next few years she reached out to some women who take care of dolls before photographing their relationships with them, capturing their daily life as mothers. The result is a moving project exploring the work of reborn artists and the impact their creations can have on those who need them. The project, titled “Reborn,” was featured as part of our partnership with World Press Photo.