Jean Paul Saint Fleur Haiti

Cover Image - Jean Paul Saint Fleur

Jean Paul Saint Fleur dreamt of picking up a camera ever since he saw a photographer documenting an earthquake in Jacmel, Haiti, in 2010. Luckily that dream could become a reality in 2014, when Jean Paul was invited to take part in a workshop with FotoKonbit, a collective that teaches Haitians the art of photography. As a non-profit organization, FotoKonbit wants to educate locals in contributing to the legacy of Haiti’s visual culture and support them in telling their own stories. Jean Paul took this mission to heart, and in the work we featured he captures a more personal side to Haiti then outsiders might be fed in global news. Whether it’s stunning scenery, friendly fisherman, or carnival costumes, he invites viewers to observe the rituals and traditions of his vibrant homeland.