Jawher Ouni Tunisia

Cover Image - Jawher Ouni

Jawher Ouni is a Tunisian photographer based in France. He grew up in Korba, a seaside town on the Mediterranean coast, but was born in Sidi Bouzid—the small city often labeled the catalyst for the Arab Spring. He feels a close affinity with his birthplace, and in 2019 he returned there to produce work for a collaborative project named “The Same Moon Above Us: A Tunisian Tale.” The book features the works of eight photographers from Tunisia and the diaspora, who explore multiple ways of “seeing the here and the everywhere.” We featured Jawher’s contribution to the book: a series of images featuring his family, the landscape, and the occasional villager. There’s a simplicity and raw honesty to the project, which sees Jawher capture the aspects of Tunisian life that are often reduced or politicized by the Western world.