Imraan Christian South Africa

Cover Image - Imraan Christian

Artist and activist Imraan Christian is on a mission of decolonization and inspiration in his native South Africa. We were instantly taken with “Ma Se Kinders,” a visual project rooted in indigenous mysticism. We featured one segment of the project, ​​”Ruh,” which translates from Arabic to “soul.” “Ruh” sees Imraan draw on shards of often-forgotten culture to create something entirely new – Modern mythologies full of gods, queens, and heroes playing their part in tales that can fill the gaps in a history that’s been ravaged by persecution – powerful figures for the youth of South Africa’s indigenous communities to look up to. Alongside his art practice, Imraan has taken on advertising and editorial commissions, creating work for such clients as UNICEF, CNN, BBC, Nike, and MTV.