Hef Prentice Argentina

Four computer-generated female figures lie on an infinite mirror; three women on the right are stacked on top of one another like sphinxes, blending into the mirror with different skin tones. The fourth figure appears strong and patient. A sphere in the background reflects the entire scene.

Hef Prentice is a Designer, Analog photographer, fashion stylist, and CGI-Artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Almost a decade ago she started photographing the women around her (mostly nude as a response to being disturbed by how much discomfort the naked body awakens) and more recently those women have inspired a universe of female characters she creates using CGI software. The similarities between her real subjects and her digital ones are striking, and we spoke to her about how—whichever of her media she’s using—her practice is centered around capturing the power and vulnerability of the female form, and her belief that “there is something divine in women.”