Guarab Thakali United Kingdom

Cover Image - Guarab Thakali

Born in Nepal and based in London, illustrator Guarab Thakali creates bold artworks that radiate an inner warmth—thanks in large part to his striking color palettes. His style is a reflection of diverse influences that range from Fauvism and traditional Buddhist Thangka paintings to Blue Note record sleeves. Guarab counts Boiler Room, Carhartt, Converse, the Barbican, and Adidas among his corporate clients, and his work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg Businessweek, McSweeney's, and Bon Appétit. In 2018, Guarab was commissioned by Gilles Peterson's record label Brownswood Recordings to create the sleeve art for “We Out Here,” an album featuring nine songs from London’s most talented jazz artists. We spoke to Guarab about his own introduction to jazz music, and how he distilled the atmosphere and intimacy of the scene into vibrant imagery.