Deirdre O' Callaghan Ireland

Cover Image - Deirdre O' Callaghan

Part of the original team behind London’s influential Dazed & Confused magazine, Irish filmmaker and photographer Deirdre O' Callaghan established herself early on as a chronicler of music and youth culture. Over the last two decades, she’s produced art for major record labels, she collaborated with The National, Peaches, U2, Damon Albarn, and De La Soul, among other acts, and her 2016 book “The Drum Thing” saw her photographing the world’s most famous drummers—from Ringo Starr to Quest Love. In 2019, with WeTransfer’s support, Deirdre produced a short documentary about the homeless community living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, focusing on the role of music as a source of solace.