Clémentine Schneidermann United Kingdom

Cover Image - Clémentine Schneidermann

Living and working between Paris and Cardiff, French photographer Clémentine Schneidermann has evolved her own distinct aesthetic—and perspective—evident in her flourishing editorial practice and artistic output. The latter has taken her to Spain, Greece, Germany, and America, for extended photographic projects that focus on social documentary, on small communities, and in particular on children. Her approach is often collaborative, as with her work with stylist Charlotte James on “It’s Called Ffasiwn,” challenging perceptions of the former mining towns of South Wales through portraiture, commentary, and fashion to striking and haunting effect. She contributes regularly to publications such as Self Service, Dazed, and Vogue Italia, and has been involved in a growing list of exhibitions and artist’s books. WePresent interviewed her about her series “Nuuk (York),” exploring Greenland’s diminutive capital, which is a mix of time capsule and consumer culture: “Very quickly you realize that life there is pretty much like anywhere else in the Western world, minus McDonald’s.”