Clarissa Brooks United States

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A powerful and eloquent voice for change, Clarissa Brooks is a writer, activist, and community organizer from Atlanta, Georgia, with a degree from Spelman College in Comparitive Women’s Studies. Her writing encompasses a broad range of subjects, from North Carolina Rap to the graphic design of the Black Panthers to Afrofuturism—and she has appeared in an equally diverse array of newspapers and magazines, including Rolling Stone, Dazed, Nylon, and The Guardian. Her writings are connected by a determination to resist a status quo in which white supremacy, the patriarchy and capitalism all flourish at the expense of marginalized people. WePresent asked her to write a personal essay reacting to the murder of George Floyd, and the uprising that followed. Her urgent, compelling response envisaged a world “where my back is no longer the bridge nor the stepping stone to a tomorrow with more platitudes and never enough freedom”.