Cinta Vidal Spain

Cover Image - Cinta Vidal

From her studio in Cardedeu, near Barcelona, Cinta Vidal creates experimental paintings with gravity-defying qualities. Some are architectural, applying multiple perspectives to cityscapes to explore the diversity of the urban environment, and of our interior lives. Some are more domestic, contrasting the intimacy of everyday life with the darkness and uncertainty beyond. They’ve been the subject of international attention, with shows in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. Her time studying illustration at Barcelona’s prestigious Escola Massana, and working as an apprentice at the Castells Planas scenography workshop, provided an ideal training, giving her the skills in light, perspective and space necessary to create her intricate scenes. She still produces large-scale backdrops for international theater and opera companies, and recently moved into street murals with projects in Long Beach, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and San Francisco.