Cover Image - Christian Bobst

Having originally studied graphic design, Christian Bobst spent 15 years working in the advertising agencies of Switzerland and Germany. In 2010, he struck out as a freelance documentary art director and photographer, a decision that has taken him across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and into print with some of the highest profile media players, including Stern, The Guardian, National Geographic, and Die Zeit. WePresent featured his series “The Gris-gris Wrestlers of Senegal,” which explores the rituals around the country’s hugely popular (and for a select few) highly lucrative wrestling industry. His striking and very human photographs express not just wrestling’s culture, but also the impact of wealth and sponsorship on the sport, and on wider Senegalese society. Christian’s holistic approach to his craft has garnered numerous international prizes, including a 2016 World Press award, and we featured his work as part of our annual collaboration with the organization.