Charlotte Patmore United Kingdom

Cover Image - Charlotte Patmore

London-based Charlotte Patmore is one of the most prominent photographers in the longform series on touring bands, chronicling life on the road with Black Honey, Charli XCX and Kate Nash, amongst many others. Heading down from Wigan with dreams of becoming a fashion photographer, she stumbled into music through a month spent documenting an album by Archy Marshall, better known as King Krule, setting her on her current path. Often working in 35mm, she immerses herself in the artist’s world, and in that of their touring family, understanding their personalities, and capturing their unguarded moments. We caught up with her as she stretched her trade to encompass film, shooting footage for the music video for “Cadet Limbo” with King Krule as he toured the States. The resulting black-and-white road movie is surreal and cinematic, with its indeterminate locations creating a timeless vibe.