Carlo Cadenas Venezuela

Cover Image - Carlo Cadenas

Born in Baruta, Venezuela, and now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carlo Cadenas is a freelance art director, artist, and designer. After studying graphic design and advertising in Caracas and spending several years working in agencies, he chose to focus on 3D illustration and typography, combining these two fields to mesmeric effect, and sometimes incorporating animation. One outcome has been his “Illustrated Alphabet” for the international “36 Days of Type” project in 2016. One of his favorites among his own projects, it’s a seamless mesh of candy colors, fluid forms and subtle textures. His inventive approach has led to some of the biggest awards in the design industry, including the Type Directors Club Award, A' Design Award, Graphis Award, Indigo Design Award, and more, while clients have included The Washington Post, Nike Running, Method, Men’s Health, and Wired.