Camille Walala France

Cover Image - Camille Walala

Camille Walala ctreates large-scale, explosively colorful interventions in London’s public spaces. Her works insert positivity throughout their environment, stretched across bridges, sidewalks, gates, foyers, and facades. With their signature Memphis-influenced palette and geometric patterns, her designs have now been welcomed in New York, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Geneva, and even a disused gas station in Fort Worth, Arkansas. Born in Provence, she moved to London in 1997 and, following a stint waitressing in Camden, took a textile-design degree at the University of Brighton. After a few further diversions, including selling cheese, the success of her designs for purses and cushions led, via a Shoreditch nightclub mural, to a breakthrough street facade in East London. Collaborations with global brands have resulted, from Lego to Facebook, as well as  such eye-catching installations as the inflatable “Villa Walala” for the 2017 London Design Festival. Her concern throughout is to leverage the power of color and pattern to elevate moods and spark positivity, and it is an ambition she relishes.