Braids Canada

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Montreal-based art rock band Braids—Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Taylor Smith, and Austin Tufts—got together in 2007 at their high school in Calgary, almost immediately gaining a following for their intimate yet intricate sound, merging the electronic and the organic. Following their move to Montreal, a long-delayed debut album, “Native Speaker,” was released in 2011. Raphaelle’s charged vocals and intense lyrics stood in contrast to its restrained, prog-like backdrop, a combination that made critics and audiences take notice, and attracted a shortlisting for the Polaris Music Prize. Their third album, the jazzy yet personal “Deep in the Iris,” marked a shift to a more expansive sound, winning the 2016 Juno for Alternative Album of the Year. WePresent invited Raphaelle for a chat with American singer-songwriter Julia Holter, where the pair shared their love of Joni Mitchell, and Raphaelle reminisced about listening to Björk’s “Vespertine” while baking at a Calgary cafe: “I was there at like 4am and would blast that whole record and try to sing like her while I was making muffins,” she said.