Bradford Cox United States

Cover Image - Bradford Cox

For WePresent’s extended interview with the Black Lips in 2020, Bradford Cox—frontman for fellow Atlanta band Deerhunter—provided the accompanying visuals, a job he’d also undertaken for their second album way back in 2004. Deerhunter formed in 2001, soon attracting critical notice, but it was only with the release of their third album, “Microcastle,” in 2008 that they made a belated appearance in the lower regions of the charts. Cox, originally from Marietta, Georgia, also releases solo work under the name Atlas Sound—2008’s “Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel” was the first under this moniker—allowing him to marry his stream-of-consciousness songwriting to a more diverse soundscape. Along the way, he’s collaborated with artists such as Karen O, Cate Le Bon, and, of course, the Black Lips.