Björk Iceland

Cover Image - Björk

Icelandic singer, songwriter, composer, actor and producer Björk has been captivating the world with her art since the 1990s. Prior to her solo creations she was part of the band KUKL and lead singer of the Sugarcubes, before going on to release a series of albums in the years after, including “Debut” (1993), “Homogenic” (1997), “Mudúlla” (2004), “Volta” (2007) and “Vulnicura” (2015). The recipient of endless accolades and awards, Björk has been nominated for 15 Grammys, five BRIT awards and frequently appears as one of the greatest artists of all time in publications such as TIME and Rolling Stone magazine; for her performance in Lars von Trier’s film “Dancer in the Dark” she won the award for best actress at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and received an Academy Award nomination for best original song. Following the release of her album “Utopia” (2017), we looked at her creative legacy and featured her work with collaborator Jesse Kanda in the first film of our video series Work In Progress - a series which explores how artists fuse different energies to create.