Bernie Krause United States

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Bernie Krause is an American musician and soundscape ecologist who founded Wild Sanctuary in 1968 and, in the years since, has traveled the globe to record, archive, research, and express the voice of the natural world – its soundscape. With a background in electronic music, Krause turned his interest to soundscape ecology and has traveled the world archiving its bandwidth, presenting his findings across platforms from TEDGlobal to the conference of the International Society of Ecoacoustics. It was Krause’s work with the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris and their development of “The Great Animal Orchestra” which brought his talent to WePresent: he spoke to us about how the project (which leads you via soundscapes from the Arctic to an African dry-forest) came to be, what it means, and why this narrative is like no other story you have ever heard about climate change.