Benjamin McMahon United Kingdom

Cover Image - Benjamin McMahon

British photographer Benjamin McMahon was born in the north, but lives in the south of England and can usually be found somewhere in London with a camera around his neck. In 2015, he was chosen as a PDN 30 winner and was awarded the Magenta Award for his landscape projects. McMahon has created work for publications including British Vogue, The Gourmand, Art Review and The Travel Almanac but it was his project “Not Myself” that brought him to WePresent. Adept at shooting famous people for a living, “Not Myself” is made up solely of his well-known subjects who were asked to take a quick self-portrait in a mirror using a Leica. The results are over 100 photographs of celebrities being vulnerable, silly, or self-aware – he spoke to us about his work, his favorite pictures from the project and how they came about.