Anna Beeke United States

Cover Image - Anna Beeke

Anna Beeke’s fascination with capturing the mystery of the densely forested woods of Washington State can (arguably) be attributed to her formative years—after all, she was conceived in the San Juan Islands. By osmosis (we’re not scientists, but we think it’s legit) she has always been intrigued by not only her own roots (*ahem*) but also the wider cultural significance of woods. And whilst we might automatically think of these somewhat mythical areas as dark and slightly eerie, Anna captures the unexpected – asking us to rethink the woods as a context for many scenarios; such as traditional woodworkers who feel misplaced in the context of today. Her first monograph, Sylvania, was published by Daylight Books in 2015, and in 2019, she worked as a videographer for Netflix series “Unnatural Selection.”