Ana Prvački Serbia

Cover Image - Ana Prvački

Ana Prvački was selected by one of our guest curators, artist Marina Abramović. Over the last 20 years, the Berlin-based performance artist has worn a variety of guises to meet her audience; she’s a sculptor, a performer, a watercolor painter—her medium is entirely project-dependent. Born in Pančevo, in the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia), Ana’s practice deals largely with making interventions into daily life. Working under the umbrella of Ananatural (established by Ana, who is also CEO, in 2003) she creates cross-disciplinary art which aims to solve (and if not, soothe) our day-to-day problems. Ana’s work has been included in the 2006 Singapore Biennial, Torino Triennale, The Pantagruel Syndrome and Cityscapes. She’s also performed at Artists Space for “When Time Becomes Form,” curated by Marina Abramović.