Ana Leovy Mexico

Cover Image - Ana Leovy

Mexican artist Ana Leovy first fell in love with one of her practices some years ago during an art class. The technique, blind contour drawing, asks the artist to keep their eyes fixed on the subject without looking at the paper. Working also with gouache and acrylics, Ana’s focus is on celebrating diversity; weaving stories through shape and color, inspired by feelings, dreams and everyday life. The theme of sisterhood is evident in Ana’s paintings; women being affectionate with each other, or simply talking and being there for one another, and this mirrors her own life experience, as she’s always been able to confide in the inspirational women around her. Her clients include Women’s Health Magazine, The Guardian, Man Repeller, Tory Burch, Sandro Paris, Tombolo, Ivy & Oak, Time´s Up, Atlanta Magazine, Pai Pai, Ebboo, Girls Night in and The Jungalow.