Akasha Rabut United States

Cover Image - Akasha Rabut

Despite spending her most formative years living between Hawaii, Kauai and Southern California, it was in fact New Orleans that captured Akasha Rabut’s heart (and consequently became the subject of most of her work). Fascinated by cultural traditions of the American South, Akasha’s first photo book, “Death Magick Abundance,” delves deep into the heritage of NoLa — from the Caramel Curves the city’s first all-female black motorcycle club), to the Southern Riderz, a group of inner-city cowboys riding horses through town. It’s in Akasha’s pursuit of the unknown that she is able to capture the intricacies of the city; something that can only be authentically captured through building trust with the communities that are home to these traditions. Akasha’s devotion to community is extended in her work with the Creative Council—a program (founded by Akasha) for young people in New Orleans and Louisiana to receive mentorship to enter the arts.