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Frans Lanting Union of Concerned Photographers

WeTransfer’s Union of Concerned Photographers uses the power of photography to underline the urgency of environmental concerns.

In the past 25 years, nearly 300 million acres of forest have been destroyed. This area – which is about twice the size of France – has mainly been cleared for farming.

Dutch photographer Frans Lanting is driven by a sense of wonder at the natural world. But his work also captures his concern, for the future of the planet that so captivates him.

We spoke to Frans about his passion for conservation and to get some insights into his creative process. Click the audio symbols to hear Frans' thoughts.


“How did you become a photographer with such a huge passion for conservation?”

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Palm Oil
With photographs I can make more passionate statements about the environment.

What do you think is the biggest threat to the world?

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Our forests are literally the lungs for the planet.

How can people help?

Frans Lanting is an ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature, which works to minimize the human impact on the world around us. Get involved here.

This piece is part of the Union of Concerned Photographers. Explore the next story or visit the Union homepage.

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