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WeTransfer x The World Press Photo Awards It’s striking how many of them still stir strong emotions

Since it was founded in 1955 the World Press Photo Foundation‘s annual award scheme has had tremendous impact. Each winning photo has become an important reminder of what was happening in the world at that time. It’s striking how many of them still stir strong emotions, months and even years after they were taken.

Each year's winners pass into our shared collective memory. They appear in school text books, top Google’s image search and are reshown across all manner of pop culture touchpoints from TV and films to magazines and websites. They provide us with a comprehensive background on the state of our world, year in, year out.

And this context is important. In an era increasingly dominated by click-bait headlines, quick tweets and snapshot pictures, photojournalism helps us sift through the visual noise and consider what is truly significant.

It has the power to raise our awareness about events happening outside of our familiar bubble, the strength to bring people together to fight for a shared cause, and the ability to put a spotlight on otherwise untold yet incredibly important stories.

Since 2016, WeTransfer has partnered with the World Press awards to showcase the winning images and tell the stories behind them.

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