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WeTransfer x Worldwide FM Gilles Peterson's Feb 2017 highlights

In an age of weekly updated Spotify lists and new songs being released constantly, it has become harder and harder to cut through the noise and work out what’s worth listening to.

So as part of our ongoing collaboration with online radio station Worldwide FM, we’re happy to give you a helping hand, in the form of Gilles Peterson’s monthly best-of the station’s favorite tracks.

The whole ethos of the station is about making unlikely connections – between artists, genres and cities that Gilles and his team explore on-air.

So let Gilles take you through some of his highlights of the last month, and read on below to get more insight into his choices.

Tracks of the Month:

1. Blood Wine Or Honey – Anxious Party People (Plastic Pagan) // Hong Kong

One of Gilles’ top musical musical discoveries of February. Coincidentally, he will be playing alongside Blood Wine Or Honey at the first ever Sónar Hong Kong in April. It will be their live debut at the festival.

2. Oscar Jerome – Two Sides take from Oscar Jerome (Bandcamp White Label) // UK

Oscar blew Gilles away with his recent set at the Worldwide Awards after-party. Both occasions featured a lot of young musicians representing the current UK jazz scene, many of which have their own Worldwide FM Shows, like Moses Boyd, Femi Koleoso and Nubya Garcia.

Albums of the Month:

3. Sampha – Plastic 100°C taken from Process (Young Turks) // US

Gilles and Sampha first connected back in 2010 when Sampha joined SBTRKT for a special live set on Gilles’ BBC Radio 1 show (Sampha’s first ever live radio appearance!). Gilles has been championing his music ever since. After the long-awaited release of his debut album Process last month, we couldn’t miss out on including something from it in this month’s top 10.

4. Thundercat – Walk On By taken from Drunk (Brainfeeder) // US

Thundercat’s relationship with the Worldwide family first started when he played at the 2012 Worldwide Awards alongside Austin Peralta. More recently, Thundercat swung by September’s Worldwide FM LA pop-up, and last month he came in as part of the Family Values feature with his father and brothers, Ronald Bruner Sr. (Strange Jazz Universe), Ronald Bruner Jr. (new album TRIUMPH out March third) and Jameel ‘Kintaro’ Bruner. You can hear the Family Values feature every month on the weekly Worldwide LA live broadcasts.

In Memorial:

5. David Axelrod – The Shadow Knows (Mowax) // US

Considering the significance of David Axelrod’s music to both Gilles and the hip hop world, we thought it was only right to include some of his music in this month’s show to commemorate his passing. David’s music embodies the spirit of what Worldwide FM is about; not only does it stand up on its own, but through its sampling in many hip hop tracks, David’s music has become re-contextualised for newer audiences. We feel it’s important to remember these innovators that could otherwise be forgotten. During the tribute show, Mo Wax boss James Lavelle came by the studio to reminisce with Gilles about working with David, and to reflect on the significant role he played.

Compilation of the Month:

6. Maria Rita – Cµntico Basileiro No. 3 (Music From Memory) // Brazil

Gilles’ love affair with Brazilian music first started when he was growing up in south London in the late 70s/early 80s and continues to this day. Although Gilles has an expert knowledge of Brazilian music, the ambient, jazz and minimalist infused outré music featured on this compilation is an exciting new discovery, and a revelation to him.


7. Focus – Hay-Hay taken from Zulu (Crown Ruler) // South Africa

During Gilles’ trip to South Africa in February to make the Cape Town Sounds documentary, he discovered a whole world of music that hasn’t gotten much exposure outside of Africa. Visiting key record stores like Mabu Vinyl, Voom Voom Vintage and the Wax On club night, Gilles experienced genres like bubblegum pop and kwaito in context for the first time. This music is still loved in the city, and so upon his return on London, this reissue resonated particularly strongly with us.

Moments of the month:

8. Dinosaur L – Go Bang (Francois K Remix) // US

Gilles and Francois have a relationship spanning more than 20 years, so his appearance on Worldwide FM has been a long time coming (and will definitely not be his last). Gilles has always held Francois in very high regard, considering him one of the original dons of club culture and this track, Go Bang (Francois K Remix), has always been one of Gilles’ absolute favorite club tracks. On his visit, Francois discussed with Thristian the important role that music plays in these politically fraught times, reminding listeners that apathy cannot be our default stance.

9. Sherwood & Pinch – Jazzy Jeff Cakes (On-U Sound) // UK

Sherwood & Pinch appeared on our first ever Soundsystem Culture Special, where we celebrate the genre from its foundations to its current place in upfront club culture. We feel this partnership perfectly portrays what we we want to do with the feature; celebrate soundsystem music throughout the generations and in its various facets. Pinch is a Bristol dubstep don, while Sherwood was delivering dub plates to record stores across the country before Pinch was even born.


10. Nils Frahm – Them (Erased Tapes) // Germany

Nils was a guest on Gilles’ BBC Radio 6 show last year, and during the recording they spent a morning in the Brownswood Basement exchanging musical ideas. This particular Nils track was from the score of Gilles’ favorite film of last year, Victo

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