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WeTransfer Presents A tribute to creative minds who changed the world

WeTransfer believes creative thinking has the power to change the world. So every year, we pay tribute to the creative minds we've lost whose life and work changed the way we think, the way we see and the way we understand.

Anyone from the team can nominate a figure we should pay tribute to, and our super-talented in-house creatives do the rest.

Professor Stephen Hawking by Laszlito Kovacs

When it comes to changing the way we see the world, few people had more impact than Professor Stephen Hawking. The theoretical physicist, cosmologist and writer grappled with the biggest questions we ask of the universe, but was able to translate his thinking into bestselling books enjoyed by millions of people.

Our creative director Laszlito Kovacs created our tribute to one of the best minds of his generattion.

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  • 1. Professor Stephen Hawking by Laszlito Kovacs