NLC: We found Renee in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at in Vegas. She had great hair and skin and she was the most excited about being in the project – she still texts me once a week to ask when it's coming out. We wanted to shoot her inside the hotel, but unfortunately the hotel said no, because they thought we were making money off of it and didn't believe it was for this project. But Renee thought it was a great opportunity and was trying to do everything she could to make it work. Because she was so afraid of getting into trouble, she suggested that we shoot her outside of the hotel as a compromise. I wasn't so interested in this, because obviously I wanted her in or around her place of work, as that was the intention of the series. Then she said, "let's shoot me at the bus stop where I get off every day before I walk to work." It was perfect. I much prefer how this image turned out; it's real, it's something that happens every day and the bus stop happened to be beautifully lit and really emotive.


NLC: I actually spotted India in a sushi restaurant, she has a very classic beauty; I think. I was staring at her for a while before I decided to ask her if she would mind being photographed.  We met a few days later at 2am in the parking lot of her workplace, the floodlights lit her skin beautifully and I adore this image.


NLC: Barbara was one of my favorite people, because she had more input on what she wanted. She was giving me poses and nobody else was really doing that – everyone was standing there. So the photo that we chose of her isn't exactly the best example of all the poses she was pulling. I have 300 pictures of her in different poses – where she's lying on the floor doing a muscle man pose, or where she's spinning around or posing up against a tree. She was amazing. We chose this because it's the calmest moment in all the chaos of her posing.

Adele & Jeff

NLC: Adele eagerly responded to a craigslist ad in Yucca with an image of herself, her husband and their two horses. Myself and the team were massively intrigued by them and travelled to their home in Yucca.  We arrived at a gated retirement complex where the community rode around on golf carts. Adele and Jeff explained how they had met on a dating website 5 years ago and decided to move to a retirement home early because 'why no', I loved their content approach to life and the obvious connection they had with each other - they were almost like teenagers together.


NLC: Jasmine is an ex-prom queen who now works as a daycare worker. I wanted to photograph her in the outfit she wore as prom queen rather than what she looks like as a daycare worker. I thought it would make a more interesting image, which it does. I love this picture; I love her amongst the chaos.


NLC: Nancy is my favorite of them all. I feel she's the most special discovery, because she fits the scenery, the look and the outfits so perfectly. We weren't looking for her at the time – we went to this liquor store to pick up snacks and Soki, the stylist, spotted her in the corner of the store. I wasn't sure at first – I couldn't see her properly, but I noticed she was really tiny and kind of androgynous – but the stylist saw something in her. She imagined her in this look which we were actually intending to put on a young boy. She said, "Let's see if she'll wear this and we can shoot her later." So Nancy got changed in the car. Soki had found her these heels earlier on in the day matching the outfit perfectly. The funny thing was that she'd never worn heels in her life so she couldn't stand up. In between each frame Soki would have to run in and support her because she'd topple over in these heels. Nancy just said, "let's get this shoot done," so she could go home and spend her 80 bucks on some beers.


NLC: Charlie was working behind a bar in Hollywood, I noticed him immediately; his face is so chiselled and almost waxwork like. He was wearing all blue and told me that was his favourite colour. I asked him if he would mind being photographed outside by the pepsi machine after his shift. He got changed in the restroom of the bar into another all blue look and posed for me for about 30 minutes. Since the shoot we've become close friends.


NLC: Ninon was a very glamorous lady, we arrived at her beautiful home in Vegas where she proudly showed us all her awards and trophies from her years in entertainment. We travelled to the Peppermill lounge with her as this is where she hosts her chat show every Tuesday; she had amazing energy and was an absolute pleasure to photograph.


NLC: Rhiannon works for the DMV which is the equivalent to the DVLA in England. I'm sure most people wouldn't consider it the most exciting of jobs, but she really enjoys it. What I like about Rhiannon is that she pushes her look to a theatrical level, but that she works in place where you wouldn't expect to find that kind of theatrical look. Her occupation didn't have any influence in how she was styled – this is how she dresses every day and that's how I wanted to capture her.