About us

WePresent is WeTransfer’s award-winning digital arts and editorial platform, telling unexpected stories of creativity from across the globe.

To do this, we like to collaborate with artists, filmmakers and photographers to create projects across photography, music, film, art and the written word. One such project may or may not have won an Oscar in 2022 (it did) so we guess we must be doing something right.

As well as collaborating on big projects with creatives, we also profile and spotlight emerging artists. So far we’ve worked with over 1000 of them, from more than 100 different countries.

So far, we’ve commissioned stories, manifestos, films and projects from the likes of Moses Sumney, Riz Ahmed, Solange Knowles, Renell Medrano, Michel Gondry, Marina Abramović and Bernardine Evaristo among many others.

We also offer a space to learn for those just getting started in the industry (because we know there’s some important stuff they just don’t tell you at art school), and for those who have already made it (well done), we’ve got stuff that will hopefully inspire you to keep going. 

Whether you’re into photography, film, tech, music, design, or just random stories about amazing people making cool stuff you’d want to tell your friends about, you’ll find something here for you. Whatever it is, if it’s fascinating, beautiful (or both), we’ll probably like it. And we think you will, too. 

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Have you got an unexpected story about creativity that you want to pitch to us? Or a project that you think we need to know about? Well then, we want to hear from you! You can submit your ideas by emailing ideas@wetransfer.com. We can't get back to everyone, but we promise (cross our hearts, hope to die, stick a needle in our eye) that we read every single one.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for unexpected stories—we don't want to tell the same sorts of stories everyone else is telling. We like pushing the definition of "creativity" as far as possible, and giving insight into the messy, magical creative process behind every great idea.

Our team


  • Holly FraserEditor-in-Chief
  • Suzanne TrompSenior Art & Photography Editor
  • Liv SiddallEditor
  • Danielle BoellingSenior Managing Editor
  • Phil van der KrogtSenior Creative Producer
  • Alex KahlContent Manager
  • Faye QuinnEditorial Producer
  • Alex MattinsonCreative Producer
  • Haja CamaraAudience Development Manager
  • Linda MertensEvents and Community Manager
  • Arenike AdebajoSocial Media Editor

Press & Advertising

  • Annematt RuselerSenior Director of Communications
  • Leonora ChanceSenior Brand Communications Manager
  • Rebecca PreussCreative Strategy Director

Design & Studio

  • Nessim HigsonExecutive Creative Director
  • Lily DarbyDirector of Creative Studio & Production
  • Johnny SlackCreative Development Director
  • Hugo TimmDesign Director
  • Lumir SpanihelVisual Designer
  • Robyn CollingeSenior Copywriter


  • Alexander VassilevCEO
  • Melissa NussbaumCOO
  • Damian BradfieldCCSO
  • Natascha ChamuleauCAO
  • Ange TempleCMO
  • Gwen BurbidgeCHRO
  • Adam MittonGeneral Counsel